Is AI Killing Job Search and Why Humans Still Matter

Job search Judgment Day is coming and where is John Connor?!

South Korea looks to be quickly adopting AI for screening, filtering and generally getting rid of job and school applicants. Everything from more advanced versions of ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) software to facial tracking AI software for video interviews.

This is something that has seen steady growth in the US as well but at a slower rate. Even though we've used ATS software for ages.

Some of these new AI job interview applications are doing seemingly insane things, like tracking facial twitches for 'fear and joy', as well as word analysis. In addition to that, it's also applying game mechanics by testing and progressively making the interview questions more difficult.

How Does AI Affect Job Search

So what does this all mean for your average job hunter?


Kind of …

If you're a client of mine you're probably used to me hyper-focusing on the Jumping the Gate technique for job hunting.

Where you do everything in and out of your power to circumvent the system.

Damn the man!

In a nutshell, Jumping the Gate is putting your energy into getting access to real decision-makers. Not ATS resume bots, not AI video interviews and definitely not HR recruiters. What we want is the person that says, "you're hired!"

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Who Makes the Decisions

Or at least those that can get the attention or influence the decision-maker / hiring manager.

To be clear,

usually, the decision-maker is the hiring manager.

And sometimes it's THEIR boss.

We don't want to limit our view on who the decision-maker is. Becoming too tunnel-visioned just puts our creativity in a small box.

Leading to missed opportunities.

I can't tell you how many times I've had clients get a job through going over their future boss's head. You most often see this in nepotistic environments. I'm originally from Chicago, so this is how our political machine is run.

But what if you could turn that same approach to your advantage?

By getting access to the boss's boss, you're able to cut through ALL the filters.

Hiring decisions coming from 'Corporate,' are nothing new. This time though we want that new hire to be you!

Real Solutions for Real People

Regardless of which decision-maker you get access to, the bottom line is you want to get in front of real people.

Real people with the power to get you hired.

So often we as job hunters are caught by the limited idea that we HAVE to jump through all the rings of fire and beg for our supper. Then be thankful for whatever we get.

This idea of without the company we would have no job.

Without the job, there would be no company.

Never forget that you are the solution to their problem. You bring value at a time of need and you do a damn good job of it.

By focusing on being the solution to a problem in the human world the entire perspective changes. Then it makes sense to disregard AI, bots and HR. Focus on those who problems you solve and they will want you there.

Good luck and happy hunting!

I'm Juan Martin. This is FastJobHunter.

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