No One Really Cares About Your Work History

No one really cares about your work history.

One of the worse and most persistent pieces of job interview, resume, and general career advise is the need to give potential hiring managers your entire work history.

Even worse is starting from the beginning!


The general idea is that you are giving a complete view of you as a professional, because that’s just what people do.

While this is technically true, is it the best way to sell yourself?

First let me ask you, if I wanted to sell you the latest Lexus, would I start with talking about the horse and buggy?

Then go through a hundred years of transportation history to present?

Yup, that’s how bored I am with your work history.

Remember, that job interview is a sales pitch.

You Are The Product

That resume is a marketing piece.

What are you selling?

Like all products it comes down to a simple equation:

A company has a problem.

You are the solution.

Did I just reduce you down to being a product?

Yup, get over it. In the work for hire game, we are all products. In other words, we are only as valuable as what we can offer today.

It can be a difficult pill to swallow but once you accept this you can present yourself in the best way possible. As well as future proof your career!

Now, you may wonder what do I present if not my work history?

Above all, we go back to the two things, problems and solutions.

Identify why the company needs to hire you.

Let me repeat.

They. Need. To. Hire. You!

They have a need that can usually be found by analyzing the job description, however using your industry experience is essential.

Then when you’re in the interview you present your experience in solving those problems, ideally with real-life success stories.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Until You Are Hired You Are In Sales

This is sales 101.

Yet somehow job search advice becomes so convoluted with BS advice. Most of which come from HR people. Moreover, HR reps are not hiring managers and they usually suck at sales!

For instance, if you’re not in HR, your actual boss doesn’t work in HR. In conclusion, you want to focus on the most important person/people that are relevant to your new job and career.

Now go forth, find problems to solve, and share your insight with your new future employer.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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