Robot Wars: America vs Asia (kinda)

So you thought it was just you losing your job to a robot!

The robot wars are just starting and Adidas has fired the first shot. By moving automated manufacturing from the US and Germany to China and Vietnam it signals the beginning of business as usual.

Automating jobs will be driving the biggest changes to our economies over the next fifty years and this gives a peek at the dynamics at play. This move points toward the power and value of more integrated supply chains that many Asian countries offer and the US just can’t compete in.

Couple this with China’s aggressive development in AI and we’re in deep trouble.

But, seriously, who cares?

You already knew your job would be automated either now or in the next twenty years … didn’t you?

If you’re not retiring in the next 5-10 years you need to be thinking about how you’re career will be replaced.

Because there is a very high chance that it will.

Don’t worry, it won’t be overnight — until it is.

Remember, the second a company can afford to replace you with a robot or software it will.


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