China Uses Young Women to Motivate Programmers

Is using young and attractive women as motivation for coders sexist or effective?

I would say both/and.

In China companies are increasingly hiring young and attractive women to ease the stress of the programmers. They are hired with standards that are better suited to models — like height, weight and even having a soothing voice. The idea is that they provide both eye candy and light social engagement/flirting to make the a high demand workplace more bearable.

While it is absolutely sexist it seems to be effective. It definitely reinforces the male domination of the tech industry in so many countries — but it could point toward deliberate workplace environment control to maximize performance. In it’s essence it’s similar to having Foosball tables, arcade cabinets of Galaga and on-call massage therapists at big tech companies in the US.

Ok, minus the sexual harassment laws.

Still, while this leans a little too heavily on the sexist side of things (at least have male counterparts), it does show that it pays for companies to help balance their employee life/work experience.

Source: Gizmodo

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