Get a Partner In Crime (Quick Tip)


Hey, it is a wet and dreary day here in Chicago. It made me think about how lonely the job search process can be.

You know, clicking around things for months at a time.

Sending e mails and hounding people on LinkedIn.

So, quick tip for today.

Get an accountability partner!

Just like when going to the gym and trying to create that habit. Find somebody that’s also job hunting. Even if it’s the same industry and a bit of competition for you. Have somebody to bounce ideas off, to bitch with, and get a drink or whatever.

Because it is so lonely, sitting at home by yourself – hunting and trying to get your next gig. That, you know, having a little bit of social stability can really keep us, you know, honest with ourselves and motivated to push through to get your next job.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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