No One Really Cares About Your Work History

No one really cares about your work history. One of the worse and most persistent pieces of job interview, resume, and general career advise is the need to give potential hiring managers your entire work history. Even worse is starting from the beginning! WHY?! The general idea is that you are giving a complete view

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Robot Wars: America vs Asia (kinda)

So you thought it was just you losing your job to a robot! The robot wars are just starting and Adidas has fired the first shot. By moving automated manufacturing from the US and Germany to China and Vietnam it signals the beginning of business as usual. Automating jobs will be driving the biggest changes

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Google’s Job Search Tool Gets Complaints from Europe

Reuter’s just reported that the E.U. has received complaints from 23 job-hunting sites about Google’s job search tool. I have to be honest, it’s hard to care very much. Most job search sites provide very little value other than glorified classifieds. In reality, the only reason they exist is to tell user data for billions

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